10 years ago today I Joined DS106. Not sure why I would have done so on Christmas eve?

This online course has resulted in over 70 posts here213 Posts on my Ds106 blog and 1144 tweets matching #ds106 in my tweet archive.

Ds106 has lead me up many garden paths, syndication, internet radioquite a lot of gif animation and lots more.

It has been an amazing educational experience while being immense fun. I’ve met, laughed and learnt from folk for all around the world.

A Merry Christmas to All DS106

7 thoughts on “10 years of DS106

  1. And a merryds106mas back to John, thanks for all you have contributed to and participated in those 10 years. I correlate that connection to us being able to spend time together in Glasgow (in your kitchen too) (and thanks again for mailing home my watch). Those Banton kids are lucky to have you


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