One of the first thoughs after watching Ewan’s presentation was about commenting, he sugested that folk could organise commenting on each others students/children.

I’ve though about this on and off as I’d like to increase the comments my guys get.

One way would be to get my class to comment on other blogs, but this is a wee bit difficult to organise, we have two network pcs in the class and no lab. With a lab we could have reading and comment sessions omn other blogs, organisation is a bit hard without a bunch of pcs. I’ve also had problems commenting on some blogs we can read at school, but the comment run on site we cannot access through our filters.

I occassionally comment on other primary blogs on a what goes around comes around, sort of way. I started the Primary School Blogs suprglu to try and up my comment rate, but suprglu limits the number of feeds and quite a few primary blogs I’ve found disallow comments.

It might be an idea to start some sort of informal group of teachers who would regularly comment on other class blogs, in an informal but commited sort of way.

I am not sure how many Primary Teachers read this, but if you are up for some sort of Primary Blog Comment Exchange leave a comment here or drop me a mail, there is probably a sensible way to organise this so an idea for that would be appreciated. I’d be happy to host a list of folk / class blogs if that would help.

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