I’ve eaten a fair bit of toast in my life. Until I was 21 and stopped eating meat I think I had toast and bacon for breakfast most days. After that I moved on to toast and marmalade, preferably Frank Cooper’s oxford.
My tooth has got a little less sweet and in the last 10 years I’ve moved on to muesli and yoghurt most mornings. I still like toast. At school the pupils can get toast at morning break time and I usually grab a slice. I often have some with peanut butter when I get home from work. Weekend mornings I’ll have toast and egg or french toast from breakfast.

Until I had a cholesterol test I had a strong preference for butter, now I seem habituated to margarine.

I like a few other things toasted too, scones for one.

Thinking of toast I remembered a lyric, ‘a little piece of toast’ which lead to a song from when I was 20 Streetband – Toast

On the way I found another toast song I heard last year Koffee – Toast

Toast, tasty and inspirational.

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