I am typing this as I wait to do my turn. For what it is worth I hope to have the slides up over the weekend, I’ve nearly finished recording the audio in keynote.
Here are the web pages that I refer to in my presentation.

UpdateI posted these links and they were all broken, I’ve fixed them now.Sandaig Otters – The Weblog of Sandaig Primary School in Glasgow
Sandaig Otters » Primary 6 Bio poems
Sandaig Poets – Poems from Sandaig Primary School
» Our Bio Poems – Thanks Sandaig Primary 🙂 Primary 7v Class Blog
Sandaig Television – A Video blog from Sandaig Primary in Scotland
Netherlands 2007 – Sandaig Primary Visit the Netherlands 2007
Eco Otters – The Weblog of the Sandaig Eco committee
Snakes and Ladders   
Sandaig Otters » Twin Castles
Sandaig Otters » our record
Sandaig Otters » P6 TO P7
Sandaig Otters » First Circut Movie
Sandaig Otters » Flick Flacks
Sandaig Otters » Gears
Sandaig Otters » Dancing
Sandaig Otters » Name Art
Sandaig Poets » bio poem by Kimberley-Jayne
Nicole – Sandaig Primary 6 SJ
Tasks – Blogging Tasks For Primary Six
Radio Sandaig
John @ Sandaig Primary – mostly what we are doing with ict in class and some links
John @ Sandaig Primary » Starting Blogging in the Classroom

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