ReadingbusThe Reading Bus couple of minutes late, children presenting.
Hannover PS Aberdeen; High social depravation mixed backgrounds and abilities.

School has lots of parent links.
Raising attainment in Reading, fun and fostering lifelong reading.
The bus started from school, but includes other partners.
CFE – Enterprise, affected parents as well as children.
Learning bus, Aberdeen Bus company for education staff, buses are fun and unthreatening for parents, halfway house.
Involved more than one school, schools were to raise money for bus and conversion. Flat funding, lots of other charities contributed.

Bus launched 31 Aug 2006.
Partnerships with libraries, heath, school nurses, community health.
Emphasis on non-threatening place for teachers, learners and parents to contribute together. Children very involved in all aspects and implementation.
Bobby: 10 primaries involved, children from all schools worked together. Enterprise approach. Eg. Design of bus competition, great ideas. Bobby obviously benefitted great confident presentation.
Samantha: great list of events she had been involved in.
The slides in the background are going too fast to blog.

Morag Russell Aberdeen University
Learning conversations designed to find out what children think (and let the children know).
Wicked witch idea: What might happen if you cannot read?
Great use of conversation.
Wher do you want to read, not in classroom
Parents recall of school, lack of choice, again asking parents why reading was important?
Eg: misreading of pregnancy test.
Parents think they are not good readers, didn’t read novels.
Community Radio project, children lead, interviewed based on wicked witch.

Slide, children learned: adults think they are smart but they don’t know what children thing
Question to children, why can people read but puppies can’t? Great answers from children.(need time to think)

There is far to much in this, to blog as it goes on. keywords, conversation, enterprise, (revisit children’s conversations with them, lets them know that their contributions are valued).
Children link reading to real life rather than education.

Bus as neutral space, teacher shares custody of learning, teacher welcomes. Children given a safe, secure dialogic space. given a voice.
Live broadcast radio show.

notes: £120,000 to buy and convert bus

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