Our ICT Suite now called the Media Room was open for business this week. So we have stepped up the blogging. In our 2 primary seven and 2 primary sixes classes we have set up a rota where 2 children in each class are the blog team for the day. during he day they are supposed to decide what is interesting and blog-worthy, take photos and note. At the end of the day I pull the photos off the cameras and put them on the computers. The next morning from 9:00 -9:30 they come to the Media Room crop and resize the photos and blog. This way we should get every child in 4 classes blogging every 2 or 3 weeks and fill up Sandaig Otters. It might be time for a little blog reorganisation. Children are chosen pretty much at random with the idea that the less able writes will have peer support. The idea is that missing the first half and hour of normal curriculum will not be too detremental. At the moment 30 minutes is a bit tight, but should improve as the children’s typing speed improves. Hopefully after a few weeks they might be blogging from their classroom computers too.

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