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“I’ve not stopped working in 13 weeks. Like many professions, teaching doesn’t fit into a 9-5 schedule. But online it’s 24/7. And I’m not learning classical Kazoo, or how to paint the Mona Lisa or even getting all the quality time with my kids I should be. 2/4”

‪We are in as someone smart said in different boats in the storm (& some of us are only at the edge) so advice prolly useless. But I’d give up on the 24/7: being with your kid & wife, hugs, fresh air & nature are not indulgence but essential maintenance needed to do your work. ‬

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  1. Thanks John. Tbh I’d give my right leg for a glimpse of that heron in Victoria Park. There are practically only about three common birds to be seen in Beijing. I never get used to that. Essential maintenance today was a book and making pizza.

  2. That must be strange, I think I might be becoming an lockdown bird watcher! I am also enjoying cooking 2 meals a day, getting all the food once a week or so, not so much;-)

  3. Yeah. It’s really weird. There are NO pigeons anywhere. I think they were all eaten during the famine. Lots of sparrows and magpies. I think I saw and heard a woodpecker the other day. Having the time to cook is so cathartic. I’ve even started baking.

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