I am not sure the Scottish Education Blogs on Suprglu is all that useful. Seems to list all the entries for one day from one blog at once, so a prolific blogger pushes everyone else off the front page. Worse it doesn’t seem to handle typepad feeds like:


properly, giving all the entries the date of the latest one. I am not sure if it handles the atom feeds in a better way.

so I am testing lilina

s a simple but powerful news aggregator written in PHP. No database is needed, RSS/ATOM parsing is done by the excelent MagpieRSS library (it is included, no additional installation needed). It features feed auto-discovery and an easy-to-use interface.

This seems a handier way to look at the scot-ed-blogs, I am testing these scot-edu-blog feeds, on a box in my living room at the moment(this may not be accessible from everywhere). I don’t think lilina will do anything interesting with flickr feeds, but seems a quick and simple way to set up an aggregator.

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