26 thoughts on “Ravens

  1. @johnjohnston Wow, great shot!

    I see very faint chromatic aberration where the crows silhouette against the sky, but only if I look extremely closely. That would be hard to avoid at the end of the zoom range, so it’s remarkable that it’s so slight. Awesome lens!

  2. @johnjohnston Is it a Canon PowerShot SX70? (I can’t say “SX70” without thinking of an entirely different camera! Although it did have a silent hyphen in the middle; where’s Victor Borge when you need him?)

  3. @the 🙂 it is a PowerShot SX70. I think I am going to like it. I had a PowerShot SX10 but it stopped working. It has taken several years to replace due to saving, dithering etc. I don’t have any knowledge of photography but like taking pictures this will, I hope, compliment my phone.

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