I’ve just listen to the BBC Radio Scotland Podcasters show which featured

Radio Sandaig. The children sounded great, confident and articulate.

Unfortunately (for me) they had cut out my explanations. I can’t say I blame them, but I though I had addressed a couple of points in the show.

Muriel Gray was asking about the benefits of podcasting and it might have been nice if the educational benefits (talking, listening, writing, working together and a big chunk of A Curriculum for Excellence) had been spelled out rather than left to the audience to deduce for themselves.

Near the end of the programme Muriel says ‘I am still not convinced that it is not just boys and their toys’ the group she talked to at Sandaig was more girls than boys, one of my aims this year was to increase the number of boys taking part!

Some of the other podcasters (Daily Source Code , tartanpodcast etc) made great points in favour of podcasting generally.

If you missed the show you can listen on line, for a while at least.

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