We got a new podcast out last week on Radio Sandaig.

And the first comment. I am looking forward to the children’s reaction. The comment lead me to Room 613 Talk another nice primary podcast.

We hit a last minute snag with Audacity, after moving a bit of the podcast that had been recorded in Audacity from one machine to another (in order to speed up editing) the children had trouble saving, on reopening their work the was nothing on the audacity timeline. After my initial suspicion that they were not saving properly, and a few desperate attempts to work around the problem, we had to do the whole edit and export to MP3 in one session.

The recording and editing are still a time consuming process, I’ve been talking to Mark Warner who runs Downs FM. Mark’s podcasters basically record the whole show in one go, live, which seems to be a lot quicker. Before the recording they prepare clips etc. I think they are using GarageBand. The Downs FM was a live weekly Radio broadcast to the school last session and obviously have a lot of skill in the production process. (A nice description here: about Downs FM)

I think we will try and adapt some of their working practices for the November podcast). We used the Down’s promo in our podcast and hope to send them one.

Podcasting seems to be helping us make connections (Room 613 Talk, Downs FM, all the feedback from the Keepers Podcast) with other schools a lot quicker than blogging did. Podcasting seem to have had a faster uptake too.


Pupdate, Downs FM has gone, here is a link to the archive

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