As the final term of the session slides into sports days and clearing up we are doing a couple of interesting things at Sandaig.

The recent romans podcast is Educate’s podcasting directory’s featured podcast.

As mentioned below I started a World Cup 2006 blog. If you have a minute, please give the blog a comment.

It has been hard for the children to get time to post much, as we are busy with filming The Dream Dragon. Based on the Keepers poem for National Poetry Day October 2005 written by Sandaig children and turned into a play by Carol Fuller, an American high school theatre teacher in Austell, Georgia in the southern United States of America and pupils at South Cobb high school.

The production is pretty lo-fi, no costumes or scenery, only a few props. Focusing on the performances and how to stage it. The children are shooting the video taking turns at being cameraperson, director and gofor.

They have come up with some pretty imaginative suggestions for how to frame and stage scenes. I’ve uploaded quicktime movies of Scenes 2 to 7 to the internet archive, these are linked from the The Dream Dragon blog.

This whole project has lasted most of this session (and it might not be over yet),

sparked by The Keepers Poetry Project which was based on a poem by Phil Whitehead and run by Peter Ford our poems were original published on the Sandaig Poets blog and podcast on Radio Sandaig.

This was blogged by Ewan McIntosh and spread via Anne Davis, who was Spellbound by a Podcast.

It was then picked up by Carol Fuller from Ewan’s blog , her students wrote a play based on the verses. Carol has also become a frequent commentator on Sandaig Poets producing some wonderful conversations. I have a lot more to say about this whole process, but for now i need to thank the poets, blog magicians and fairy blog-mother Carol for everything.

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