A while back primary six produced some Keepers Poems in response to the The Keepers Poetry Project

We have now started making some of these into flash movies, combining sound text and pictures:

Keepers Movies

The children have been creating the movies in Flash and I though it was worthwhile noting the workflow.

  1. The children wrote the original poems on paper as part of their language work.
  2. They illustrated them again on paper.
  3. These were scanned by a couple of children to jpeg files.
  4. We moved the files to another machine on a pen drive and the children resized and saved their images as gif files.
  5. The children then recorded the poems on our iPod using a Belkin iPod Voice Recorder, we are doing these a few at a time on a Tuesday morning, the children pop into the music room when it is not being used.
  6. At lunchtime on the Tuesday I collect a few children’s sound and image files and copy them onto the computers that have Flash. (the sounds can be edited and exported to MP3s quickly in Audacity.
  7. Tuesday afternoon the children create the files.
  8. They make a new flash file and place the image on the first layer.
  9. They then create another layer, import their sound file and place it on the second layer. They have to add frames to show the whole sound track.
  10. They add a third layer for the text. They add a text box with the first line of the poem on the first frame of the text layer. By playing the movie in flash they can see which frame the next lines starts on (in the sound clip), there they add a new keyframe and change the text to the next line of the poem.
  11. This is repeated for the third line of the poem. On the last frame they add another keyframe and change the text to the whole poem.
  12. I then add a stop() action to that keyframe, the children place a button on the frame and I add a script to go back to the first frame and play.

We have now done this on two Tuesdays the children from the first day supporting the ones on the second. I hope the whole class will have created a movie by the end of this term.

Hopefully they children are learning a bit about layers and frames in the process.

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