7 thoughts on “I had a nice walk today – Glen Douglas Trio

  1. Very nice! And very interesting setup you’ve got there. I’ve been hiking a lot and though I don’t have a gpx file setup, I’d love to set something similar up.

    Is the maps.html code openly available?

    • Thanks Nitin,
      I use iOS trails app to record the gpx files. Get rid of some of the tags to make the fiel a little smaller.
      The code is not published anywhere, but should be easy enough to get, along with the maps.html there is a stylesheet and a javascript file. BUT I am not a developer, I just mess about. I can put it on github if that would be useful?

      • As long as you clean up any personal information the file might have (API keys, username, password etc), yes, please put it on github and I can try to take it from there. Thanks!

  2. As for the hike itself, very pretty space and so desolate! It’s amazing though that you didn’t come across anyone. Not yet hiking season there?

    • Hi,
      Walking go on all year round in Scotland, although I don’t go far in winter. These wee hills are usually quiet, there are slightly bigger more popular hills very close by. I’ve never seen more than a handful of folk here. One of the reasons I like the place!

      • it’s a gorgeous place! I love the pics. The thing at the top of “Beinn Bhreac Trig point” was so clearly man-made, but in the middle of this wilderness. Very neat!

        Plus, I love the detailed information you’ve written about the fauna, specially the frogs. Very Thoreau-like!

        • Trig points were put up across the country for map making. You can see then on a lot of hill here. Not used any more.

          I am trying to get into the habit of noting species I see walking, and trying to get a workflow that doesn’t take too long. Thoreau-like is something to aim for, thanks.

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