I have asked the Scottish Government’s new Chief Scientific Adviser, Prof Muffy Calder, to convene an ICT Education Excellence group. The excellence group will call on the expertise of education technology specialists and end users.

The excellence group will have the immediate task of scoping the long-term user-centred future of Glow. Their challenge will be to imagine a future for the service that provides a seamless user experience and connectivity on the one hand and an open pluralist range of tools and applications on the other.

The group will draw on the contributions made to date and further explore community generated contributions like Glew.

Michael Russell Cabinet Secretary for Education & Lifelong Learning from: Engage for Education » Archive » Glow’s Next Phase

My selection from todays announcement.

Two phrases standout for me: expertise of education technology specialists, I hope these specialists include Andrew Brown and Ollie Bray if they are interested ( in light of Glow plight – pride of Scotland or ‘zombie’ network?). and explore community generated contributions like Glew, so they should add Charlie Love into the mix.

Who would you have in a an ICT Education Excellence group? Answers in a comment.

Interesting reading about glow of late includes the above:

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  4. and listening:

  5. Radio #EDUtalk 6-6-12: Charlie Love on Glew, Glow and Google

In light of number 2, and a whole series of serious posts, I’d have Jim Buchan too.

Update Sat 9 June, post Google Apps for Education Summit:Ollie’s keynote confirmed his place in my dream-team. Today reinforced my feeling that we can get a great team for this form inside Scottish schools, fulfilling Jaye’s wish for free-thinkers and mavericks Adding pupils and parents too. Any of the folk I heard speak today fit and two I didn’t: Ian Stuart has a long standing involvement in deep educational change including technology and Fearghal Kelly is a deep thinker in all aspects of education.

The hard job for the Cabinet Secretary will be making a choice from such a rich set of folk.

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