teachMeet06logoAnother awful glow pun, sorry. I got the news yesterday that I had been accepted as a glow mentor, and therefore would be going to SETT. I had not asked my HT before as I’ve gone the last few years and thought that it might be pushing it. She said something like ‘I expected that you would be going and wondered why you had not asked.’Of course I was going to pop along for TeachMeet06. I am not sure what to do about the teachmeet vs glow dinner clash?
I also don’t really know what is on the program and have not chosen which presentations to go to, I know I want to see the Interactive Chatting Teddies as I would like to get my photo taken with Spencer and Campbell, and I presume Ewan will be doing a turn, so I will probably heckle;-).Any suggestions as to other good presentations gratefully received. What I am really looking forward to is meeting with everyone who has supported the Sandaig Blogs, by commenting and linking, over the last couple of years.The other thing I’ve got to do is work out exactly what i am going to talk about for 7 minutes at TeachMeet, seems harder than talking for an hour, I am going to be talking about RSS and APIs but have not really worked out a conclusion yet.

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