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After yesterday’s blogfest from Ewan, David and Andrew, I am afraid I need to join in today.

Intro guy is talking about one to one for Edinburgh teachers!


Biggest learning experience – blogging..

Not about Technology about imagination (someone was talking about Imagination and will yesterday)

one red paperclip

Mashup: amine of Ellen Feiss (sp): Osaka as Ellen Feiss

increase on web of chances to use imagination.

One Billion folk online now. 10 billion pages.

1,000,000,000,000 links (US trillion)

RW Web: Old web consumption, new web Web 2.0 writable.

Turning point.

5 minutes from now all in the room can be bloggers. I new blog a second. %) still there after 3 months.

Roll of blogger is to link ideas (maybe)

Showing a http://www.touchgraph.com/ of the netword surrounding his blog, looks like a great tool.

Global Voices Online

http://www.creativecommons.org (first of 3 I know about)

12 million kids online.

13 year old podcasting in September 2004!

Will is showing Sandaig Otters!

Linking to Curriculum for Excellence.

The Read/Write Web just might change the world.

Closed to Open content model. Free content – web goodness. MIT OpenCourseWare

Talking about wikis, creating text books.

Rip mix and learn (buzzwords galore) Teacher as DJ!

Long distance mentors.

Sometime to anytime learning.

Working alone to working together.

Kid with essay on wikipedia.

We should be editing wikipedia.

Hand it in vs Publish it (hmm, quality control)

RSS, furl etc.

Children find own teachers. Bring primary sources into classroom (new roll of teacher)

Need to model publishing, editing ect. Danger of children publishing and believing it is private.

Great exciting talk, Ewan, David type a lot faster than me so probably a good idea to get over there.

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