Maybe not as good as being there but:

Augmented reality 23, May, 2006 edublogger

Alan’s on a roll 23, May, 2006 edublogger

Blogs and podcasts… for the last time 23, May, 2006 edublogger

Alan November at eLive! 23, May, 2006 edublogger

eLive 2006 – Alan November Keynote 23, May, 2006 David

eLive – keynote 1 – Alan November 23, May, 2006 ab

ScotEduBlog Meetup 19, May, 2006 edublogger

eLive 2006 ACfE meets SSDN 23, May, 2006 David

eLiveCast! 23, May, 2006 edublogger

and a first time blogger:

first rambling

plenty to chew on.

I am really looking forward to tomorrow .

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