edublogsPodcast 5: Peter Ford at ECML Ewan podcasts Peter Ford’s workshop. Took me 3 journeys to listen to the whole lot (over an hour long). Just when I was thinking listening to podcasts of presentations took to much time and were of poor quality, this changes my mind.

I was laughing like a manic at Peter’s poem of what the teacher replies to the lawyer. Got some strange looks walking along the road. Apart for the fun the podcast is full of great stuff affirming teachers and blogging.

The big problem with podcasts of this length is that you can’t quite remember all the good bits well enough to quote, but Ewan blogged them for us:

Peter Ford at Weblogs in Education, ECML, Graz

Lots of other interesting reports from Ewan to day and more podcasts.

Peter Ford is of course the organiser of the The Keepers Poetry Project and Ewan is the midwife of our offshoot The Dream Dragon.

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