David WeinbergerOfcourse I should have read the Cluetrain
Knower – Knowledge – Known
World is more complex than knowledge.
Knowledge is big, Knowledge is orderly – Tree structure.
Properties of knowledge are the same a properties of the real worlds. So we have to categorize by yes/no into trees. Ideas are separated by physicality of books. Libraries are trees, so cooking fish, will not be in the fish section.
2rd order: Metadata, card catalogue can sort in different ways, but you need to reduce the info to fit on a card.
3rd order a leaf can be on lots of branches, amazon lists books in many categories. Nice illustration of messy linking, the messier/richer the better. metadata and data will not be separated (copytight laws are lunacy;-)) in the 3rd order.
Dynamically organized tree, hey del.ico.us tagging.
Data storage is so large, keep and tag.
Mass media dumb down. People are tired of this, simplification. Blogs can expand and check the detail, take simple idea and add complexity (nothing new conversation does this).
Wikiopedia can lack credibility. Lots of checks, edits, history, discussion. lots of examples, disclaimers add to credibility, why not in main stream media .
Wikipedia will come up with collaborative knowledge, not in someone’s head, but in the conversation.
Wikipedia will ban if you repeatedly roll back to your edit without explanation. My battery is going, David want his children to work collaboratively, to read socially.

Going to go to teachmeet06.

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