Tiny dabchick (little grebe) sees off gull.

We have been watching a couple of dabchicks raise their chicks in the local park. Talking to some photographers, set up with huge lenses, it seems they lost their first eggs to the gulls. The next eggs hatched and over that last while we saw them get fed and grow. At the weekend they were really a bit small to hide under their parent’s wings.
Today the nest was empty we then saw one chick in the main pond being fed by an adult. A juvenile gull swooped, as it touched the water a much smaller dabchick parent surfaced and bit it!
We watched for a while and the dabchick parents zoomed on and below the water chasing away several gulls. Often they just exploded below the gull!
We wonder if the other chick has been killed.
The video starts with the swirl of one of the adults, it then attacks a gull from below and chases after it at high speed.

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