12 thoughts on “Happiness is a well filled podcast queue.

  1. @johnjohnston @adamprocter

    Confusion reigns;-)

    That it does! Last night, I had looked at the Spreaker link John shared on desktop and saw the big orange feed button, but I see now it gets completely hidden on mobile (the random link element with the feed URL for the big orange button still appears to be in the page source on mobile for me; it’s just not visible on the page).

    To get the RSS link on the show’s homepage, you have to click the “MORE” link under the description in the on-page player on desktop, or the Details tab in the on-page player on mobile!

    I agree, both places go out of their way to hide the podcast feed; goodness! John was absolutely right to grumble! What’s so hard about including a simple, always-visible subscribe link on both desktop and mobile?!

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