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  • Designing Emotion: How Facebook Affordances Give Us The Blues - Cyborgology

    >Facebook’s design features work in several ways to reinforce status quo ideas and popular people while maintaining an ancillary status for those on the margins. Given findings about the psychological effects of production versus consumption, these features then have behavioral consequences and in turn, emotional ones. I
  • Gutenberg News - A collection of Gutenberg tutorials & resources.

  • Annotating Web Audio – Jon Udell

    >It’s a beautiful example of small pieces loosely joined. My clipping tool is just one way to form URLs that point to audio and video segments. I hope others will improve on it. But any clipping tool that produces unique URLs can work with Hypothesis and, of course, with any other annotation or curation tool that targets URLs. I didn't know that browsers support playback of assessment of audio!
  • The Toy Shovel

    > This is my over-simplified parable on using social media platforms in education
  • Creativity and digital technology

    > Gardner and Davis suggested that the pre-packaged resources (no matter how vast) made available to young people through the Internet is limiting exercise of the imagination because (as Marvel has shown again and again) it is easier to repackage an existing idea than come up with a new one So the digital is a less creative arena?
  • Educators in Indieweb twitter list

  • N O D E

    Blog and a linked YouTube channel(s). Digital making, raspberry pi mods, hardware hacks, bitcoins block chain and a lot more. Some PirateBox stuff too.
  • DUSPviz

  • The Chinese Factory Workers Who Write Poems on Their Phones | Literary Hub

    I swallowed an iron moon they called it a screw I swallowed industrial wastewater and unemployment forms bent over machines, our youth died young I swallowed labor, I swallowed poverty swallowed pedestrian bridges, swallowed this rusted-out life I can’t swallow any more everything I’ve swallowed roils up in my throat I spread across my country a poem of shame
  • Man who channels alien from the future bombards Tumblr GIF artists with takedown notices / Boing Boing

    Darryl Anka telepathically channels a space alien from the future named Bashar who lives on the planet Essassani; on this basis, he has claimed many copyright infringements in the creations of Tumblr's GIF artists.

  • Squishy Circuits | The Tinkering Studio

    Use homemade conductive and resistant play-doh to build electronic sculptures that light up, move, and make sounds. Anyone who has ever tasted play-doh knows that it’s a salty substance. The salt allows electricity to flow through the dough. With the addition of a homemade dough that substitutes sugar for salt, the dough becomes resistive instead, and complex circuits can be created to power all kinds of objects. We use battery packs, LED lights, hobby motors, and buzzers to explore electricity in a fun, hands-on

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