@inoreader’s new plan will leave 90% of users unaffected. I am in the other 10% not sure I should to upgrade, it is quite a jump from current $14.99 to $49.99; slash my feeds, & lose RSS feeds; or take opportunity explore other RSS services.

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  1. @johnjohnston Before the announcement I’d been considering upgrading for more features. I was interested in recent discussions here about feed readers. I was annoyed by Innoreader’s email — I too will be affected — I didn’t care for their wording — it was kind of slimy. As of today I’m trying Feedbin, liking its features and considering ditching Innoreader and subbing to Feedbin.

  2. @johnjohnston Even though I just paid an annual sub for Inoreader in November I’m pretty much sold on Feedbin just from this morning’s messing about. I added a few newsletter subs, and a few Twitter feeds from an account I kept solely for those feeds. Just considering monthly vs annual now.

  3. @johnjohnston Wow, $49.99 looks too steep for a feed reader. May be you can lose some of the feeds — at times with my limited subscriptions, I get overwhelmed by the unreads. Mark all as read gets used a lot then.

  4. @amit I need to do a serious trim. I don’t really feel any pain seeing a huge unread count though. Problem is:
    Start to prune feeds
    Read interesting article
    See link in article
    Click said link…😂

    • in reply to: @mrkrndvs

      Arron, yes inoreader will probably work out fine for me, I’ll need to trim my feeds and will explore some other options in the meantime. I will miss getting a feed from a folder of feeds. I found that very useful for one or two projects but am not using it currently, it will break some of my internet history though. I am keeping half an eye on the IndieWeb Reader idea but this site is not ready for that.

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