When I post a like or reply the postkinds plugin grabs title and author and puts it at the top of the post. Look ok on blog but when it arrives on microblog the heart image is gone and the quote looks as if it might be mine. Same with twitter. I need to fix that. Somehow…

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  1. @johnjohnston For those situations I typically put an appropriate emoji, the title of the original and the author in the title of my post (these don’t display as the Post Kinds plugin strips them out for display on the blog). Micro.blog then picks that up and provides it as a simple link instead of treating it like a status update (which either has no title or has a datetimestamp like some have been using.)

  2. Here’s roughly the reason that the “Like” button is being pushed into your syndicated copies: https://github.com/Automattic/jetpack/issues/4399
    Ultimately, I decided that very few people were using that like functionality on my site (which is WordPress specific), so I just turned it off in JetPack to “fix” the problem. There are other possible methods to fix it within your theme, but it will ultimately be very hacky based on my past attempts.

  3. @c Thanks, I am generating titles automatically. I think most of my blog plumbing and organisation needs a bit of work. Slowly getting a better understanding. You posts & comments have been very helpful indeed.

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