I’ve set up a blog for video content Sandaig Television using some old content from the site to test things out. using a local install of the popup2go scripts from embed the video!.

This seem to work ok from home on my mac and partially from school (we sometimes get an authentication dialog with QT content). I’ve put the videos on my dot mac account space to save a bit of bandwidth on our host’s server (the next few podcasts will go there too).

If you have a look and there are any problems please let me know.

I was hoping to use some sort of Flash player, but both YouTube and Google Video do not work on the school network.

I had a wee try at converting quicktime to flash at home but I could not manage to keep the quality up and the size down. If anyone knows a good recipe, I’d be interested.

For quicktime I am using the H.263 compression rather than H.264 as h.264 didn’t play on the school machines. I’ve figured this out by trial an error rather than any reading or actual information, so again any info appreciated.

I’ve a few small child lead video projects running at the moment but it will be a while before they are finished and added to the blog. We might do some more mini movies like Gears and Flick Flacks in the meantime if any possibilities come up.

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