teachmeetbbb.jpg A while back I produced an aggregator for Tagged: elive2006 pulling together del.icio.us, technorati and flickr tags. I’ve spiced it up a little now switch from using the flickr RSS feed to using the Flickr api with phpFlickr.

This has been a lot of fun Flickr has incredible educational potential (check out David‘s recent posts) and the apis along with phpFlickr make using it a treat.

As of now there is not much at Tagged: teachmeet06 (this will change as more things get tagged teachmeet06), but the Tagged: elive2006 will give more of an idea of what is going on.

I used the Lightbox JS v2.0 javascript to display the images nicely when the wee ones are clicked.

It is amazing how you can pull all this stuff (rss, api, javascript…) without knowing a lot about any of them, just borrowing freely available tools.

Performance of the above pages may not be great, they are served from my livingroom not exactly Hitchhikr, but I am learning.

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