Sandaig Home 0707

I’ve spent most of today messing about with the bits of school website that are not blogs, doing a wee redesign. Mostly I’ve just made the existing site a little more curvy using the lovely Nifty Corners Cube Javascript/css technique.
Unfortunately the site has been built on the hoof over quite a few years and has some really tangled stuff in the mix. Still at least the home page validates (except for the cluster map). I should really pull it all down and start again, but I think that would take a wee bit too long, one day perhaps. I was hoping to redo all the header graphics, but it seems that I’ve left all my photos of the school building in school.
Someone recently suggested I move to some sort of CMS but I’ve not found one that has the flexibility of a separate blogging system and they seem a bit of overkill for a wee school site. The bit that really needs a clean up is the photo gallery a guddle of html, flash, html with lightbox posted over the last few years as I’ve changed my mind about how to upload and present images without too much work. What I would really like is to turn it all over to Flickr and just play with that. Maybe with the youtube dust being kicked up by panorama we might be able to get flickr past the filters next session.

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