One approach that I’ve seen used with iPads in schools that are not 1:1 is to have enough for a class but rotate them on a long-term basis. Instead of “everyone gets an hour a week”, the approach is “Class X gets them 24×7 for 8 weeks”. That way the teacher can plan work around the frequent use of technology and the kids can deeply engage with the device. It also makes it easier to justify spending time reconfiguring the devices for personalised use.

Comment by Fraser Speirs on Tom Barrett’s post: “An iPad For Every Child in My Class? No Thanks!

Interesting advice especially in light of Fraser’s post How the iPad Wants to be Used. I am guessing a term would allow pupils to feel ownership and devices could be reset in the holidays?

Update: Fraser Speirs – Blog – A Workable Model for sub-1:1 iPad Use appeared today.

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