As I wonderd if schools were open this morning I checked the North Lanarkshire Council : Winter schools daily update webpage which was down so turned to nlcwinter (nlcwinter) on Twitter there were no new updates at that time so I tweeted:

john johnston

@nlcwinter is down?
Tue Nov 30 07:14:02 +0000 2010 from web captured: Tue, 30 Nov 10 01:59:51 -0600

Very quickly I got this mention:

Intregued I went to isdown (isdown) on Twitter where the profile weblink lead to this tweet:

Guy Kawasaki

Learning from first hand experience this is an interesting search on Twitter:
Sat Nov 22 18:24:21 +0000 2008 from TweetDeck captured: Tue, 30 Nov 10 08:01:21 +0000

I am guessing someone is using something like : feed your blog to twitter to auto tweet the rss for the twitter search (probably using advanced to skip too much recusion by getting @isdown’s tweets?)

I’ve used to post my blog posts to twitter and for @scotedublogs to tweet all the new ScotEdublogs posts but this takes it a bir further, I guess they use the syntax for not including tweets from @isdown itself.

Anyway an interesting way of using twitter that has m thinking a wee bit. I’ve not tried any simpe twitter stuff since the OAuth authentication came in, might be time to have a wee look at it.

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