We have been working on a new show for Radio Sandaig. After much burning of midnight and lunchtime oil, it is pretty near finished.

Slightly more professional than previous shows, now with added background music. The Editing took an age, I did a fair bit of it at home this time and am beginning to come to grips with Audacity.

Spent most of Saturday morning tidying it up after the children had finished most of the editing on Friday.

Sunday has been spent exploring the

How To Publish a Podcast on the iTunes Music Store and working out how to make a suitable rss feed. I made a simple SuperCard project to create podcast feeds, which taught me a good deal about them. The new feed validates with scripting.com’s validation form. also using MagpieRSS to parse the rss feed to create the new Radio Sandaig home page. To get everything I wanted from the feed (mainly the enclosure url) I had to get the patched version of rss_parse.inc as described here How to handle enclosures in Magpie.

So a busy day where I pushed my slight knowledge of RSS and PHP.

the new show should be on Radio Sandaig on Tuesday.

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