I’ve just created a new blog On the street where you live – An International Poetry Project for a new collaboration between sandaig and Kennesaw Mountain Writing Project. The blog will be active from the 9th to the 13th of June.
The idea is that children/students from both groups will be writing poems about the street where they live and hopefully offering support to each other by using 2 stars and a wish to assess the work.

The project came about due to the involvement in the writing camp by my good friend Carol Fuller from Georgia, whom I visited in February. Hopefully we will get some interesting work/play from the participants. As well as a distance gap there is a bit of an age gap the US students being older than my 10 year olds, I am hoping that my kids get a feeling of pride working with older children and the US students a sense of mentoring the Sandaig Poets.

Of course the bit I like the best is the wee tweak I’ve give Sandaig blogs, typing (star) produces a (star) and (wish) a (wish), simple thing etc.
Please feel free to add comments on the children’s work and join in the fun.

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