Today attend to all sounds in your day as if they were your favourite music.
I didn’t manage all sounds, but I did listen with care a couple of times. First time at 7:30 when I went out to go to work. I often notice the bird song but don’t pick up the traffic as much.
I don’t think of myself as musical and probably pay more attention to lyrics than melody or harmony. Listening to the morning I don’t think I managed to approach it as music.
Later after work I went for a walk round the park. A few times I started listening. Again, traffic, less birds, more voices and dogs nails clicking the Tarmac. Listening seemed to also quieten them nee dialog a wee bit and open the eyes and senses. It was a lovely spring evening, I saw my first bat of the year that my ears are far to old to hear.


The morning audio uploaded dosent seem to play here, so:

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