Reposted Frances Bell on Twitter (Twitter)
“@suebecks @suewatling @catherinecronin @ambrouk @LTE_Hull Could I gently encourage you Sue to publish your reflection as a blog post where it can be commented and found, possibly curated in future? :) It's great having this conversation on the Twitter stream but it's more likely to disappear under the surface than bob along on top :)”

I think this every day about a tweet, so I am posting to my blog.


2 thoughts on “Liked: Frances Bell’s tweet

  1. Although I saw the original tweet, I didn’t really think about the observation until you posted it here John. Perhaps that says something about blogging, although not sure what.
    However, I’m also not sure about Frances’ observation. Whilst a blog post might have greater longitudinal visibility due to the way blogs work (compared with tweets), does it necessarily follow that it has a greater impact, at least as measured by comments? Might it be possible that a tweet ‘touches’ more people (with RTs etc), albeit for a shorter time period?

    I think you ought to start a PhD to find out 😉

    • Hi Ian,
      You are surely right that a tweet touches more folk at least in the short term. A blog post might have a longer life?

      It might also touch deeper as it require a bit more effort on the readers part, hence your thinking here?

      Do we think more about a blog post than a tweet? I certainly think more about my own blog posts than I do tweets, one of the reasons I am posting to, liking on and replying to more on twitter via my own site. The effort and friction makes me think a little more.

      I am not sure if curation/discussion is more searchable if it is in a blog post than a tweet?

      I am barely keeping up with the prep for my wee class, I think a pnd is way beyond me!

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