I always wondered about these, mostly because I’ve never had a result that pleased me when doing the test.An interesting wee bit in the http://education.guardian.co.uk/egweekly/ Wrongly labelled by Frank Coffield who say:

Next time you see a learning styles questionnaire, burn it

and goes on to report on some research on learning styles:

Our reports reviewed, systematically, 13 models of learning styles and concluded that this area of research is theoretically incoherent and conceptually confused. I listed in the reports 30 dichotomies, such as “activists” versus “reflectors”, “globalists” versus “analysts”, and “left brainers” versus “right brainers”. We should stop using these terms. There’s no scientific justification for them. You can check that. Shake your head gently. Does the left hemisphere of your brain move independently from the right? Or do they seem connected?


Students need knowledgeable, vocationally qualified and caring teachers, who can enter into a dialogue with them about how to become better learners, as well as what it means to be a painter or nursery nurse.

My own view of learning styles has alway been, some sorts of learning needs a particular learning style so we better have more that one we can use. And if we label a child a this learner or that learner is that any better than any other sort of labeling?Technorati Tags: ,

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