I’ve been keen to get the children in my class commenting on other blogs. This has be a bit hampered by WebSense, time, lack of pcs and my classroom organisation. We had a few folk off dancing today so I though I could use some language time for this today. Showed some children the Blakedown C of E Primary blog I just discovered and their entry on a day in life of year 5 got a few children to co-operate on a similar post A day in the life of p6 and then comment on the Blakedown blog .

I also had a few children blog about the Downs FM TV show.

I am trying to engineer a sense of connection between my class and children elsewhere and hope a little is better than nothing at all. Time consuming stuff though, 30 – 45 minutes for the children involved to get the job done. And we have not got round to posting the snow haiku and snow reports we wrote on Monday.

National Writing tests for the next couple of days, but I hope to get a bit more of this done soon. Hopefully the children will like Interactive Chatting Teddies as much as I do.

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