I want to tell them that the iPad is not the future of education, it’s the present of education. If we consign the iPad to the realms of the future, then we are implicitly saying that it’s not for right here, right now, today. We’re saying that we can postpone the task of seriously engaging with the educational and social impact of ubiquity of Internet-connected computing.

I am wondering about the graph of computer to pupil ratios, pulled in by freedom of information requests (see Fraser’s post)

But there are lots of different reasons for reading this post by @fraserspeirs.

I am with him all the way on the need for more hardware for pupils in our schools, still wondering where it will come from and how long it would take us to turn round our eduTanker if someone comes up with a radical model.

I am also wondering with Adrewburrett: even if it were 1:1 would the majority of pupils still use the tech meaningfully if teachers lacked skills?.

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