I just discovered The Whiteboard Blog which looks like a very useful source of information for folk with smartboards.

I read about it in my RSS reader vienna. One of the RSS feds I subscribe to is the feed for del.icio.us/for/troutcolor, del.icio.us links tagged for:troutcolor. These are thinks that people have though I would be interested in. In this case it was sent by John Sutton of creative ict .

Much appreciated, as are the other links John has sent me. I am not user how many folk use this function of del.icio.us, I occasionally send out links like this, but probably should do so more. It is pretty simple, as you tag a link you just use the tag for colon username format to send the links to whoever you think would like it.

I must admit I never notice the links for me when I visit the del.icio.us site, but once the fact the links are sent out from del.icio.us in aRSS feed makes the difference.

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