But the problem, according to those campaigning for change, begins at school with ICT – a subject seen by its detractors as teaching clerical skills rather than any real understanding of computing.

And it seems school children are getting that message too because the numbers studying the subject are on the decline. The answer, according to the firms and organisations calling for change, is to put proper computer science in the form of coding on the curriculum.

Not sure the detractors are completely right, surely we have seen, in some places, a swing away from the clerical.

We have seen lots of games based stuff being written about although I am not sure how far it has penetrated into the mainstream. There is certainly a need for the more creative use of ict if not coding then the creation of media.

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  • springs to mind.

    I wonder if there is a tension between a more creative use of ICT and the current drive to save money?

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