I have been quite jealous of the use of BubbleShare on the Interactive Chatting Teddies blog, but it is blocked at school at the moment. I’ve not asked for it to be unblocked, but I am trying a couple of homespun alternatives.

1. Photos in iPhoto, record audio in Garage band and add to iTunes, export Quicktime move from iPhoto with the audio as the ‘music’ : Amy and Bradley – country in the city

2. Record audio in Audacity, import photos and audio to flash file, children can create slideshow with crude effects: Daniel and Nicole – country in the city/

At the moment, the second has the best possibilities, more for the children to do, and smaller file size. I helped with the saving of audio and importing to flash, but given a bit of practice the children could do most of that, they organised the images and tweened them in flash this time. the flash file is also smaller than the quicktime one, though that may be down to my ignorance of QT.

Both files are a bit big to incorporate in a blog, but it might be possible to have some sort of flash file that would dynamically load images and sound just like bubble share. Is this worthwhile, giving pupils a voice, or just toys for this boy?

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