Shared Mobile learning, I’ve been reading a lot more of this since I came back lots of interesting stuff on the web, it fits in nicely with tagging/folksonomy Examples and

Interestingly tagging seems to follow the long tail (also called Zipf power law!!!) that was mentioned at the conference. is a web site where users store and tag links, you can view links by user and tags.

Eg all my links

My links tagged with education

and everybodies links tagged with education

Flickr does the same stuff with photos:

My Photos

My photos tagged with finland

Everybodies tagged with Finland

An article about folksononmy in guardian online 24 March and an earlier one

Neither of these services are child safe, but you could have quite an interesting site that would be.

For example:A site where classes/schools/pupils could upload photos and comments and tag them.

Groups form round tags/keywords invite classes to join in pictorial discussion eg on PSD keywords like ‘responsibility’ or ‘pride’ or’care’ or Art words ‘red’

Children/classes upload photos and scanns connected to tags with comments, classes can compare responses.

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