edublog 'office'It has been a busy week, and I’ve not posted since last weekend.
We are still 3 members of Staff down at school which means that I am back in class full-time rather than teaching ICT in the mornings and with P6sj in the afternoons. This is quite disappointing but it doesn’t look as if it will change in the near future. That means that the blogging I was supervising from 9:00 -9:30 in the media room has not been happening and the number of posts on Sandaig Otters has diminished.
Having said that there has been a few interesting things going on:

  1. As a follow up to the first lesson in P6sj’s science topic Sound and Light I took the class to the media room and they played the BBC sound games. I then asked them to take a screenshot, save it as a jpeg or gif, blog about the game, link to it and comment about their learning.
    That was quite a lot to fit into three quarters of an hour but a few of them managed to do it (here is Amy’s Post.)
    Of course the tech is at the moment getting in the way of the teach a little, but after a few more lessons I hope the children will be able to concentrate on the learning, rather than on remembering how to link, or save a screenshot.
  2. I finally got round to converting the film my class made to flv format and posting it to Sandaig TV: Fischy Music. most of Primary 6sj had a hand in filming, editing or recording voice overs. I can’t wait until the 4 mini macs arrive and we can do this a bit more efficiently. I also uploaded a Sandaig Christmas video made by 4 primary seven pupils. This took an age to edit as they were working in there lunch time, which is too short to really get much editing done after eating. I am quite looking forward to sitting the staffroom next week, but Radio Sandaig will probably keep me busy.
    I am pretty happy with using the flv format to present the movies rather than quick. I do wonder if having swfs in the enclosures in the RSS feed (these don’t show up in itunes) will be a problem in the future.
  3. I had a wee bit or online R&R with the Flickr: The edublogoffices Pool I had a early lead for messiest office, but I’ve been thoroughly beaten by David
  4. A little light htmling rounded off my week.

I’ve also been thinking about a couple of things:

  1. After the flickr fun mentioned above, I was interested in David’s suggestion in this post: EdCompBlog: EduFlickr: A good year for the poses…

    I began to wonder if this would be a good exercise for schools – a photo for every day of the school year. Would that be an interesting record of the school’s life? Perhaps different classes/groups in the school could each take a picture to compare the experiences of different pupils. Or even better, two or more schools could share their photos and set each other challenges.

    Barbara has taken up the challenge: A Flickr Activity/Challenge- Are you in?.
    I commented on both post, about not being able to use flickr in school and looking for an alternative, but on reflection the goodness that would be gained by using a flickr pool, rss, comments, discussion and notes ate too big an opportunity to miss, I think I’ll be cheering from the sidelines.

  2. I have started posting task suggestion to my P6sj blog: Mr Johnston – Sandaig Primary 6 SJ for Primary 6sj bloggers to do out of school or when they have finished class work. Unfortunately I am in P6m now in the mornings and I set up the individual blogs for P6sj that I am teaching in the afternoons. I am not sure if i have the time and energy to set up another 20 blogs for p6m.
    I am also worried about the idea of online ‘homework’ if not all the class have out of school net access, is it unfair to give those that do extra opportunities? I suppose I could set up some lunchtime access once or twice a week.

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