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@ron (FWIW I am an apple user, but I don’t really talk much about Apple online). I hope at some point you will be able to post replies and these will be created on your own blog. At the moment I can, I think, post a reply from my blog and it will end up on I am usually tooo lazy to do it. This post is posted on my blog as a reply to your post on…. The IndieWeb seems to me to be a work and exploration of possibilities in progress. seems the simplest way to get as much indieweb goodness as possible with the least effort?

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  1. @johnjohnston You wrote, “I don’t really talk much about Apple online.”
    Seeeeee, I knew there must be some reason I like you so much and respect you as a blogger. Definitely Indieweb is a work in process, as you say. When I first read the Indieweb website, it was incomprehensible to me, probably still is. Then I listened to Manton’s interview of the Indieweb people and learned they were very much making it up along the way. It is a big plus point for me that Dave’s blogging tools don’t require much of any configuration. Just write in the editor and then hit publish or update to read. That’s the kind of help I need and like! I’m definitely NOT a blogging software hobbyist. Of course he doesn’t claim that his tools are Indieweb compliant either. I suppose one day, Google will come along and insist that every blog be Indieweb compliant, along with their HTTPS demands.

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