@help I’ve got a feed /category/micro/ which is pulled into micro.blog and x-posts to twitter. Could I have that come to microblog and /category/micro/tag/twitter/ with only the twitter tag x-posting? Or would common items get posted twice?

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  1. @johnjohnston Oh wait, I see what you mean now. Ugh I should have re-read.

    If both feeds are plugged into Micro.blog then yes, common items will be posted twice on Micro.blog but it won’t happen on Twitter so long as only the /category/micro/tag/twitter/ feed has cross-posting enabled.

  2. @johnjohnston I do this from Known you can do same from WordPress. I made a tag called #mb and then added that RSS feed to syndicate to Known…but where people often get confused is there is a difference between syndicating to your stream and publishing on yoiur microblog site. Been trying to Sawyer someone into a micropub solution that natively publishes versus syndicates.

  3. @jgmac1106 yes, I want to

    post from mb app & x-post to twitter via mb
    post from mb app & not post to twitter (some work to be done)
    post directly to blog & x-post to twitter via bridgy
    post directly to blog & mb and not x-post to twitter

    & probably some other combinations I’ve not figured out.

  4. @johnjohnston I think you should be able to do it by using the ?cat=-_NN_ exclusion syntax, with the caveat that, for reasons that are beyond me, it seems exclusions only work for categories, not tags.

    So instead of tagging your to-be-crossposted-to-Twitter posts with tag “Twitter” in category “micro”, you file those posts in two categories, “micro” and “Twitter”. Then you send Micro.blog two feeds:

    /category/twitter/feed/ (this gets cross-posting enabled)
    category/micro/feed/?cat=-NN (where NN is the tag_ID aka category ID of the “Twitter” category; this is all the other “micro” posts that aren’t also “Twitter”)

    Why exclusion doesn’t work on tags is beyond me (it doesn’t work for specifying a single tag or for excluding a given tag), since they both use the same parameter series (and, in fact, said parameter is named tag_ID!); maybe this is a bug that has been fixed in a newer version of WordPress than the old one I’m still running?

    But either way, you should be able to do what you want, with a little tweaking on your end. // @help @simonwoods @jgmac1106

  5. @johnjohnston Yeah, I learned that originally from Manton’s post way-back-when and I was trying to use it for something more complex (a whole-blog feed that excluded status posts unless they were also part of other categories) that I never got to work because exclusion functions only on a simple level (you can’t subtract and add at the same time!).

    On the other hand, I remembered you do some tagging and whatnot via automatic WP filtering on strings in post text, so your jj_detect_format and jj_sort_format should be just what I need to auto-tag my Natural Log posts with the correct tag when I post them from the M.b app, so that’s a win for me, too

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