Using Neocities who say We provide free web hosting and tools that allow anyone to make a website. and Neocities will never sell your personal data or embed advertising on your site..

GifDub is a sort of sound and gif mashup using the Giphy Api and Freesound API. The idea is to play several random gifs and audio files at the same time. You can toggle sounds on and off, replace gifs and sounds.

It is fairly silly but has been a lot of fun to put together. I suspect it will not work in Internet Explorer.

A work in progress, I’d like to add some more features and get it working in Internet Explorer.

This is not part of any ds106 assignment but it feels like DS106 to me, and it has gifs #wejamecono.

Prisoner 106 in a spin

I guess this is ds106 Assignments: Say It Like the Peanut Butter.

I am not going to describe my methods, as I’ve done that before.
Tools: Handbrake, MPEGStreamclip, Fireworks.

I’ve not really touched base with others in the village, I am now 4 episodes in, head in a spin:


Wondering if I am going to be left hanging, or is there a chance of escape?the-prisoner-ep-4-swing

I am caught in a rut, need a new plan

Be Seeing You.

The Postman’s Noir Cat

Not got much time for typing. Just finished working through this week’s demands. Strange things afoot. I am no sure how seriously to take cats in a story. But you have to do some research in this business no matter how strange. I’m not making the right connections but some things are aligning up….



And this is what I am hearing:

The audio was knocked up in a few minutes, Paul has a nice voice. The technique I used will be in a post tomorrow or the day after. I am planning a supercut tutorial too.

a little slow, a little late

Be a Little Slow

You cannot lose if you do not play.

My first post here since April! I missed the whole of the burgeon experience and have done only a handful of daily creates. I am not saying sorry, I have made a few artefacts and experimented with some stuff that is pretty #ds106. There is no really useful instructions in this post, but links for the willing.

I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while, I did a few tests in June and tweeted a bit about it. It is pretty cool:

Videogrep is a python script that searches through dialog in videos and then cuts together a new video based on what it finds. Basically, it’s a command-line “supercut” generator.

from: Videogrep: Automatic Supercuts with Python – Sam Lavigne

Here is a quick test:

And a link to another: blade runner know

I’ve not even scratched the surface of videogrep, there are some pretty amazing ideas on the link.

I had a wee bit of difficulty installing videogrep, and had, as I recall, to wander round googling to get things running. The videos produced lacked sound, but running them through miro video converter fixed that. I am guessing if you are command line savvy enough the code could be adjusted.

Here is a supercut for Barksdale in episode 1 of the wire.

gifboard Jungle 1

More Jungle gifboards

On the back of the jungle supercut I revisited using gifboard to create automatic subtitled gifs. I notice Jim pointing to something similar. yesterday.

Both gifboard and videogrep are command line applications and not for the faint hearted.

I dusted off gifboard for a quick slice of the wire:

Rolling Bones


With a little encouragement from Mariana, I dipped my toes back into glitching world, I am afraid no movie glitchs I made were of any interest, but I had better luck with sonicification of images after Alan posted Image Bending in Audacity.

Repeating Gifs

I’ve long admired some gifs I’ve seen on tumblr that repeat across the page, during the recent giffight on emblems here are mine I figured out how to do this:

Rooster Gang

Basically a lot of copy and pasting.

Emblem Multi 500

During the emblems giffight Andrew Forgrave produced some great anaglyph gifs and some tutorials around them from which I gained a lot (globe-of-doom-anaglyph-1 | Flickr – Photo Sharing!).

The Wire

I’ve been a big fan of the wire so hoped to throw myself into some ds106 activity, turns out re-watching series one I mostly get caught up in enjoying it and following the plot, not much analysis going on here. Hopefully I get some fun before the series is out.

Why Gif?

There is an interesting conversation going on over in the DS106 google group. Sandy Brown Jensen makes some great points which finish with

So for me it has nothing to do with the aesthetics of the gif itself and more to do with crafting a context where placing a gif makes sense.

.Sandy has a great riff in her first column which I’ll leave readers to read in context, but here basic question is:

First of all, figure out your objectives in the cognitive realm, i.e. why do you want to make a gif at all?

This is a question that I sort of asked a while back, But is Gif Art? and had a couple of good answers in the comments. I’d like to expand my ideas here with a few examples. I am sticking to gifs I’ve made, there are a ton of better examples on the

Before I started DS106, like many I though of gifs as the under construction images from geocities websites of the last century. It took me a while to come round.

I had been reading and following ds106 mostly through Jim Groom’s blog when
on a rainy afternoon I wrote:

One of the things that the ds106 folk have been doing is creating animated gifs from very short sections of movies. I am still not sure if I see the whole point of this, but it becomes a very addictive process.

The above gif is, I think, the first one I published, I like it because it isolates an emotion from a movie I like a lot, to me it is some sort of visual commentary on the movie. I was also interested in the process of creating gifs, and this involved some creativity (perhaps not artistic) as I designed my own method.
Later that year I Joined DS106 I had by then been inspired by ds106 and this joined up some dots for me. At that point I could rip a gif from a movie and was mostly interested in keeping the file size down!

This gif is a celebration of DS106 and the energy of Jim Groom in particular, it is 8 frames that I returned too again and again and eventually made a small ds106 meme.

Jim’s Excellent Ted Adventure, Jim in the Air(plane) and Dancing Jim Over the World. These are part joke, part riff on various ideas, they do not tell a story in themselves but become part of a community story that both celebrates Jim and pokes some fun.

I hope the next gif did tell a story, it tries to show a different side of Jack Kerouac.

Most of the Kerouac I’ve seen have been chat show footage with a drunk Kerouac. This clip shows his gentler side.

Like many other folk who watch and enjoy old gangster films, I’ve giffed a few gunshots in my time, I usually feel a bit uneasy about this. It is easy in the relative safety of Scotland, with unarmed police and little gun crime to be complacent, this gif plays with that sentiment:

Over the course of a few rounds of DS106 I’ve become a regular giffer, I’ve a Tumblr full, some from ds106 assignments, some just for fun, some created from movies and some in various other ways. Some are saying look at this, is it not interesting or beautiful. Some are jokes, some are experiments with software, some play with the random and serendipitous. Some have made me see in a different way, to think a bit more visually. Some just provide some relaxation, finding a nice clip spotting a giffable moment, digging it out, optimising it is just nice.

This one is from a film I love and have giffed a few times, Il Gattopardo, the film is made at a different speed that most hollywood offerings, I hope the gif tells some of that.

The next one was, to me, interesting for a couple of reasons, one, it explains something, or give a view and two to make it I created a system so that I can knock similar gifs up in a few seconds when needed to help discuss or explain something.

Ds106 gifs are social, gifs often seem to asks to be reused, remixed, pinged and ponged between groups, there is a special joy when your gif is mixed into something else.

I am not a particularly visual person, as I worried in my first ds106 post:

I am a wee bit nervous about jumping into something that requires visual creativity. While I am happy enough editing images, audio and video I am not good at visual thinking or design.

I preferred podcasting to video because it avoids the difficulties of the moving image. Gifs have given me a way to play with visual elements, think about them notice thing I would have missed and keep alert for the possibilities scrolling by.

I hope that someone, Sandy?, looking a  the first page or two of my tumbling would get a sense of some purpose, fun and diversity rather than things that are mindless and crazy-making as any uncontrollable tic, or at least enjoy the madness around:

For me, instinctively & briefly, gifs are at the heart of #ds106  driven by energy originating from Jim Groom and riffed through the participants. They can disrupt patterns of thought and play havoc with our idea of what a ‘story’ is.