Prisoner 106 in a spin

I guess this is ds106 Assignments: Say It Like the Peanut Butter.

I am not going to describe my methods, as I’ve done that before.
Tools: Handbrake, MPEGStreamclip, Fireworks.

I’ve not really touched base with others in the village, I am now 4 episodes in, head in a spin:


Wondering if I am going to be left hanging, or is there a chance of escape?the-prisoner-ep-4-swing

I am caught in a rut, need a new plan

Be Seeing You.

4 thoughts on “Prisoner 106 in a spin”

  1. Well, if you are stuck in a rut just be glad that you’re are not stuck in a snow bank plus dead like that @olHatchetJack is.

    I think those spinning and swinging GIFs are nice ones with blood-rich colorus, which adds to the effects.

    But What Does It All Mean? What about that Prisoner made you resign? Plus, how long from your house to Portmerion? Did you go there? Or maybe a road trip to it with @dkernohan and @VivienRolfe or maybe @mdvfunes? Plus if I was in a suitcase?

  2. Hi Tina,
    It is 318 miles from my house to Portmerion.

    I would not put you in a suitcase you should be sitting up front (unless you want to go ninja style).

    This might be cool:

  3. Well, it is always a fun time on a road trip. Plus, that is not a very far to get to The Village. It could be like a pilgrimage to go there and take photos that are actual BEFORE they get edits. And good that you won’t make me go in a suitcase.

    I would like to investigate all of the stairs in The Village. You know, for fun and other professional reasons. Plus, Health and Safety, too.

    It would be fun to stand on that beach there and yell into the sky, “I am NOT a number, I am #ds106!!!!!”

    Is that 318 miles (miles?) like a bird, or in that car? Because windy roads are longer. And windy roads mess my hair, so I would wear a scarf. Or maybe a hat.

    Plus, Then I would have a hat pin if we see Rover.

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