Saddling Up

I’ve signed on as a hand to ride the Western 106 trail. Seems like it hard to quit DS106. Although I’ve been on this trail afore I’ve never been as far west. I ain’t much of a cowhand. I am more of a blanket stiff, a bit of a moss-back when it comes to the actual story tellin. I guess I’ll have t’ use the skill I have, cooking, giffin and the like and try an learn me enough stuff to ride along.

To fit into the outfit I’ll have to make some changes around here. I’ve been ds106ing for a while so I’ve got most of the supplies I need for the Blog Riding Camp or I’ve decided I don’t need ’em.

I did decide to change my theme, now I ain’t much of a dude 1 although I’ve a bit of a handle on the tools to spruce up a site. I just decided to go with the new TwentySixteen theme, the default for new WordPress blogs.

Unfortunately for me the theme does some fancypants stuff with different sizes. As I’d uploaded a gif it was resampled to various sizes and lost its animation.

The easiest way to fix this was to replace the different sizes created with animated gifs with the same name via FTP. That I’ve done.

1. Dude – A fancy-dressing, would-be cowboy. (Derived from the Scottish word, “dud,” meaning “clothes.”) according to the Free Cowboy Dictionary

Week Four Review: Design

I forgot to write up and post this one earlier in the week.

My ideas around escape or rather not attempting to escape seem to be reflected in the surveillance tapes we were directed to watch this week. Number six seems to be more involved in Village Life and made fewer attempts to escape.

My own week reflected this, I got out a bit more and continued to encourage my fellow villagers to join in the Web Club. Joining the webclub give some extra freedoms that may lead to escape. Andrew picked up on this (Terminal Waypoint).

I spent a fair bit of time in the The Village Web Club, providing some help for fellow inmates, to allow them to decorate their clubhouses (add an image).

I also invite any villager to contribute to A Prisoner 106 Gif Story. I’ll say no more now…

Apart from that I managed a few assignments but hit rock bottom with daily creativity. I also did very poorly with the Design Blitz.

I think this one hits a few of the design blitz targets. I like it anyway:-)
I think this one hits a few of the design blitz targets. I like it anyway:-)

Generally I fell pretty negative about design, I think I can recognise some good design but often fail to implement it or understand it in my own creations. (Kathy cheered me up with a comment on one assignment. )

However I did read The Vignelli Canon and found it both enjoyable and useful. It also made me think about where I do exhibit taste in design. I’ve been trying to buy a shoulder bag for a while now. All the reasonably priced ones seem to have magnetic poppers disguised as buckles. This combination makes it almost impossible for me to buy a bag, perhaps I do have a sense of design after all.

Ugg, the buckle points to security, the pop convenience.

Week three in the village

It hardly seems any time at all since I arrived in the Village, the third week sped by. I’ve not done too weel in ticking off items in holiday itinerary. I did try, but got a bit distracted (more in a later post about that).

I managed a few snaps for the photo safari.

The day I was planning to get most turned out (as usual this summer to be rather cloudy. I did get to wander the hill around the Village for a while, seeking information and pondering the ideas around the Safari.

I fell short on my Daily Create Requirements, but managed a couple:

This one I aded the text to with PS Touch on my phone.

And even though there was no real work involved I liked how this one turned out:


I managed three assignments:

  1. We don’t need no general education
  2. The Resignment Village
  3. Behind the Cupboard, a Comic

I quite like the title of the second one, and the idea of the third. I just realised that the third fit with ds106 Assignments: Multi-Frame GIF Story so more credits:-) The Mulit-Frame Gif is one of my favourite assignments, this one is not my best, I ended up hurrying the process up too much.

In lieu of thinking about spy shows I read prisoner106: Some Thoughts on Spy Shows of the 60s a great post by Geoff Cain.

Although I continue to spend most of my holiday watching the TV and dreaming on the couch I did get out and about and visit my fellow inmates guests this week and really enjoyed chatting about their experiences.

Very soon I hope to get out a wee bit more and perhaps start up an small activity club for fellow residents in the Village. #BeSeeingYou

Watch Repeat, Don’t Repeat


Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

  • George Santayana

I’ve got news for Mr. Santayana: we’re doomed to repeat the past no matter what. That’s what it is to be alive.

― Kurt Vonnegut

I though I was hitting week one in the village running, I’ve already, settled in, done a little prep, started some investigations and visited the office and filled in the forms.
I also had a strange psychological experience which seems to be par for the course.

I got a bit of a shock reading this weeks diversions. Lots too do!

I had started to review the video records of number 6 with a view to developing a plan, the office seems to have a different approach to the reels which I’ll have to follow. After starting watching The Dance of the Dead, I’d agree with:

  • Although aired originally as episode 8, many sources recommend viewing this as episode 2.

from: Dance of the Dead (The Prisoner) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, number 6 says, he is new and it feels like repeated phrases from the series, I’ll be seeing you are emphasized more than other episodes. I can only suppose that the official order was created to confuse rather than illuminate.

My aims and methods are still basically the same, rather that taking an intellectual approach to escaping I am going to concentrate of finding out how the village works, what lies behind the rational. My methods will be to approach the problem via the automated, serendipitous and random I will give a little information (not INFORMATION) about these methods as I go.

The idea being to understand. Number 6 went through some terrible ordeals continually butting his head against Number 2, my approach is to keep my head down, investigate The Village without leaving my room.

As I watch the other occupants of The Village arrive I am somewhat puzzled that they seem to be taking on roles in the village. Have they already become part of number 2’s team, or have I miss understood something basic?



Cutting Noir Corners

When you have been in this game as long as I have you get a little slow. No way I can keep up with the young operatives without cutting some corners.

We were asked to keep an eye on Davey Gordon a pug without much of a chin. I looked over some surveillance footage and cutback on the groundwork with some tech.

I’ve got 880 shots on the light box, Killer’s Kiss, which lets me look for clues (here is how I made the lightbox), some just jumped out at me:


Not so much noir but Kubrickian symmetry, remember Kubrick // One-Point Perspective on Vimeo.

I am keeping an eye on these characters:



The police seem to be on the case:


And here are some great shots:

Coming out fighting: