Using Neocities who say We provide free web hosting and tools that allow anyone to make a website. and Neocities will never sell your personal data or embed advertising on your site..

GifDub is a sort of sound and gif mashup using the Giphy Api and Freesound API. The idea is to play several random gifs and audio files at the same time. You can toggle sounds on and off, replace gifs and sounds.

It is fairly silly but has been a lot of fun to put together. I suspect it will not work in Internet Explorer.

A work in progress, I’d like to add some more features and get it working in Internet Explorer.

This is not part of any ds106 assignment but it feels like DS106 to me, and it has gifs #wejamecono.

FlickrSounds Revisited

Or have a look by clicking this image:
flickrsound example

Following on from my last post, I’ve paused in animating gifs when I started thinking of the sounds of gifs, this is not quite adding sounds to gifs but making image slide shows with sounds. Made with a new version of flickrSounds, very much in progress. The first version, produced a list of images and sounds, this one produces a slide show of images which play sounds. I’ve not really figured out a good interface for creation yet but have been enjoying stretching my baby steps JavaScript with a bit of json saving.

At the moment the toy just gives iframe code which might not play that nicely with some blogs. Easy enough to extract the url and link to it. If more than two folk use it I’d add a field for that.

The new version of flickrSounds saves a json description of the images and audio selected. The Show page loads this json pulls in the images and audio and produces a slide show. I’ve only tested in Safari, Firefox and Chrome on a mac.

As usual I am not sure how useful this is, Ben Rimes found it interesting but no one completed it as a ds106 Assignments: flickrSounds“>ds106 Assignment. The main thing is I had some fun.


Thanks to a comment by Ben I’ve had a think about the images being of different sizes. Check Show and compare to this Show inside, the second is chosen by adding &l=t to the url.