FlickrSounds Revisited

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flickrsound example

Following on from my last post, I’ve paused in animating gifs when I started thinking of the sounds of gifs, this is not quite adding sounds to gifs but making image slide shows with sounds. Made with a new version of flickrSounds, very much in progress. The first version, produced a list of images and sounds, this one produces a slide show of images which play sounds. I’ve not really figured out a good interface for creation yet but have been enjoying stretching my baby steps JavaScript with a bit of json saving.

At the moment the toy just gives iframe code which might not play that nicely with some blogs. Easy enough to extract the url and link to it. If more than two folk use it I’d add a field for that.

The new version of flickrSounds saves a json description of the images and audio selected. The Show page loads this json pulls in the images and audio and produces a slide show. I’ve only tested in Safari, Firefox and Chrome on a mac.

As usual I am not sure how useful this is, Ben Rimes found it interesting but no one completed it as a ds106 Assignments: flickrSounds“>ds106 Assignment. The main thing is I had some fun.


Thanks to a comment by Ben I’ve had a think about the images being of different sizes. Check Show and compare to this Show inside, the second is chosen by adding &l=t to the url.

4 thoughts on “FlickrSounds Revisited”

  1. Oh man, thanks for bringing this nifty little tool back to mind! I’m not sure why I didn’t explore it further (most likely the end of the school year), but it’s still a great way to mix media and play with images and sound.

    Just yesterday I was lamenting the fact that the GIF file format doesn’t support sound, and today you’ve shown me a fantastic proof of concept of exactly what I was imagining! Is there a way to select only images that have the same size to improve the appearance of the animation?

  2. Thanks for the continued interest:)
    The easiest way to get them all the same size is to just keep clicking until you get some the ratio. I am just grabbing the medium size that Flickr supplies at the moment.

    I guess once an image is dropped into the list I could filter the subsequent searches by only showing if they have same ratio. Might be very limiting given this is a pretty crude tool and only grabs 200 photos for a word, might slow things down a bit?
    Or have the images in the final show ‘crop’ to the smallest size, letter boxing the biggest. Food for thought. The jumping about is certainly off putting at the moment.
    I’ve updated the code to either align the images or to ‘letterbox’ them. I’ll update the post in a while.

    As to adding audio to gifs the same sort of process would work. Scrip to show a static image would swap out for a gif when clicked and then play a sound (gif and audio preloaded).

    The wonderful thing about is that they provide both mp3 and of versions of uploaded files making playing the audio on most modern browsers easy.

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