Behind the Cupboard, a Comic

After finding some old photos I dug around the apartment some more and found a page of an old comic:


Something told me this was no ordinary comic, I sneaked into the General’s room and, with shaking fingers feed it into the machine:



As the paper emerged I grabbed it and turned it over:


Despite the lack of speech bubbles or callouts I claim one credit for daring the General’s rooms. (ds106 Assignments: Comic Book Effect and ds106 Assignments: Multi-Frame GIF Story)


More than one way to frame a gif




I’ve done a fair number of Multi-Frame GIF Story Assignments and I really like them. One thing I do not like is having to have each animation at the same rate and with the same number of frames. You can work round this by ‘freeze’ framing a particular frame or several frames, but I quite like the idea of the gifs all going at their own rate and not moving in sync.

After I’d giffed a few from Perchance to Dream I though I’d try a slightly different approach. I’ve uploaded all the gifs, but instead of inserting them I created a bit of html to show the gifs.

  1. For each gif I found out its url, eg
  2. I then created a img tag for each gif: <img src=”” alt=”Darkness”>
  3. I edit the post, putting the code to show each gif inside a single div tag, that tag has a class:
  4. <div class=”gifgrid”> then a list of the gif tags </div>
  5. I put in a style snippet to scale the gifs to one third of the space they are in each: <style>.gifgrid img{width:33%;float:left}</style>
  6. I made sure there were no returns in the code.
  7. I switched the blog editor to code vive and pasted in the code.

I’ve put the code into an external page too, if you want to have a look: perchance_grid , where you can easily view the code.

Perchance to Dream has been my favourite episode so far. I’ve not left enough time to write much about it and I’ll be stepping out of the ds106zone for the next week, which means I’ll miss audio week. I might join in the odd daly create, but if not I’ll be back in the zone next weekend.

8 Gifs in search of a title


So I am trying to get an idea of the twilight zone before the next round of DS106 starts. It looks like you can watch any of the first 3 seasons on The Twilight Zone Video if you live in the USA. I may have to investigate some sort of fake us ip device to see these.

In the meantime I’ve been wandering round youtube. Watching the odd fragment and episode. I’ve watch a couple but Five Characters in Search of an Exit was the first to make me pay attention. According to Wikipedia the title at least is based on Six Characters in Search of an Author and No Exit it has been a while since I saw 6 Characters or read No Exit, but the links, especially to No Exit are clear.

I am beginning to get into the zone, but I found the exposition from Rod Serling a bit much, great voice but I think this episode would be better without the explanation.

On second watching I grabbed gifs as I went through. There is plenty of banging, ringing and the idea of repetition in the tale, I hope some of this comes over in the combi gif above.

The gifs are all short, 7 frames. I combined them by importing them into fireworks.

I am pretty sure there are a few good pun titles for this gif just beyond my grasp… can’t get out of the zone, sort of thing.

After knitting together the gif above I though that two of the frames would work, here is the major begging Rod not to talk so much.


I am wondering about redoing this one with Jim Groom in the Rod Serling position.

I guess this is a Multi-Frame GIF Story as well as a From the Twilight Zone, and Beyond … Assignment.

I though the gif at the top looked better on a black background, so wrapped it in a paragraph:
<p style="background:#000;padding:45px">

The Big Steal

More BBC inspired giffing. nice to see some B&W back on the box. The Big Steal – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia described as a noir/comedy staring Robert Mitchum and Jane Greer is great stuff.

I just marched through the movie grabbing some sections with Movie2Gif – John’s World Wide Wall Display doing a little extra cleaning up in fireworks.

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to find any section to illustrate the most interesting aspects of the movie. Firstly the female lead was I feel treated as more of an equal that usual. The only North American who could speak good Spanish, the movie is set in Mexico, she held her own bantering with Robert Mitchum, driving a car and firing a gun in fairly high heels. , the villains all shouted at the Mexican characters. The two main Mexican characters spoke good English and displayed intelligence.

I didn’t manage to gif any of those moments but here is a few I did:







Beat Gif

Wandering round youtube I found Jack Kerouac (rare footage) / Cat Power – Good Woman – YouTube. Most of the Kerouac I’ve seen have been chat show footage with a drunk Kerouac. This clip shows his gentler side. Unfortunately to get the gif file size down I had to crush it hard.



  1. Downloaded the mp4 with Fastesttube in Safari.
  2. Loaded it into Movie2Gif and exported some gifs, all with 15 frames.
  3. Opened fireworks and did a wee bit of cropping of some of the gifs.
  4. Created a new document in Fireworks, imported and placed the gifs.
  5. Made a new layer for the ‘frames’.
  6. Used the export wizard to get the files size down to 1.1MB

I guess this is a ds106 Assignments: Multi-Frame GIF Story.